A tool that helps you think

To solve a problem, break it down to
smaller ones.

Any large task is easier to tackle if it is broken down into a set of smaller subtasks. This is true if the task is being done by an individual or by a group of people in a company or any other organization. APT will help you to create these subtasks. If the subtasks that are initially created turn out still to be too big or complicated, APT can be used repeatedly until eventually each of the subtasks is simple enough to be carried out without further division. For really large projects it is usually best to construct a number of separate APT projects, one for each conceptual area of the main project. The individual APT projects can then be linked together as a network thus modelling the specific dynamics of the whole system.

Ideas don't always come when its convenient

While you are concentrating on a particular task, that task often triggers off thoughts about other related issues. Maybe you see improvements that could be made, or notice things that will need checking. If you followed these things up immediately, it would distract you from the task in hand. APT provides a quick way of recording such new thoughts separately, but with an easy way to navigate back to them later to integrate them in the appropriate place or rework part of the content. The same mechanism can be used to flag up quality control issues directly on the work that is of concern, but without disturbing the current content of the specific item that is being questioned.

Situations that can benefit

Do you have a responsible job, perform creative work? Are you involved in projects, plans or other undertakings, or do you just have a lot of detailed information to cope with? May be you use Post-It notes, note books, dozens of files on a computer, spread sheets. You may find that you have problems with keeping track of which files are associated with specific projects. It may be that what you are trying to do is just complicated and you find it difficult to see the wood for the trees. These are the kinds of problems that the APT program has been designed to deal with. It works like a cross between a textual version of a Mind Map program ; a document editor; a tool to access existing work, and a progress monitor with quality controls.

Key Features

Easy to Use
Enables Quality Control
Tracks Progress
Handles Complexity
Helps you think

System Requirements

Recommended :
1.7GHz Intel Pentium 4
60MB Hard Drive Space
64MB Video Card
DirectX 9 compatible

Minimum :
1GHz Pentium III
60MB Hard Disk Space
32MB Video Card

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