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The first time it starts it will open a 'Welcome' project. This acts as an example and provides basic information on finding your way around a project and creating a new project.V1.10 is backward compatible with Projects created on earlier versions (which can be imported into this version). The free Demo version runs for 30 days before expiring. It can be converted to a Full Version at any time and will then continue to work with any existing Projects that have already been created.

Full Version

If you would like to purchase Project Tracker please download the Demo version and install it. Then click on the Buy Now button.The purchase price is £15.00. After purchase, an Access Key string will be e-mailed to you which can be used to convert the Demo to the Full version. You can also convert the Demo version to a Full version by clicking on the Get It Free button.

Download links

Demo version 1.10

Download Instructions

The current version of A Project Tracker(APT) runs on Windows platforms including most versions of the Windows operating systems earlier than Windows Vista.

The result of a Download operation should be a single executable file (called an installer) downloaded and saved on your computer.

If you want to install the program in a particular folder, before opening the installer, create a new folder in the filing system using Windows Explorer. It would be safer to close other programs down before running the installer.

Double clicking on the downloaded file will open the installer program which provides detailed instructions for installing the application. Once APT has been installed, it can be started up by clicking on the program name ProjectTracker in the Start Menu or double clicking on its Desktop Icon ( a pair of footprints ).

Key Features

a project tracker
Easy to Use
Enables Quality Control
Tracks Progress
Handles Complexity
Helps you think

System Requirements

a project tracker
Recommended :
1.7GHz Intel Pentium 4
60MB Hard Drive Space
64MB Video Card
DirectX 9 compatible

Minimum :
1GHz Pentium III
60MB Hard Disk Space
32MB Video Card

a project tracker
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